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With more than 15 years in the business PointHR has become a leading provider of consulting, outsourcing, and screening services. Together, our employees serve approximately 5,000 clients in every U.S. state. Because of the collaboration between our straticgic partners, PointHR's employee selection business is able to leverage the expertise and resources of the entire organization when providing our HR services.

Leverage our expertise

Businesses today need help managing increasingly complex Human Resources related matters that have the potential of placing a company at risk. Criminal Background Checks, Pre-Employment Screening, and Drug Testing are critical elements of the hiring process requiring a great deal of time and knowledge.

Liabilities related to a single Bad Hire can seriously impact your business. Companies contract with us to free them of the responsibilities that can overwhelm their Human Resource Departments. By selecting us as your pre-employment screening partner you will save time and money by ensuring that you hire the best candidates, with the least risk, in a fast efficient manner.

Trust us

We are trusted by Fortune® 500 companies and hundreds of businesses just like yours. We’ve performed millions of background checks. Sign up today and find out why our customers love our accountability and high level of customer service.







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