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Employers need more than just data to successfully operate an employment screening program. As one of the largest HR Services focused on background screening, we're specialists at helping organizations of all sizes efficiently implement, manage and control employment screening programs.

On-Demand background checks is a user-friendly online background checking service that lets you spend more time doing what you do best - running your business. Our user friendly portal walks you through the steps of employment background checking in order to reduce liability, check current employees, or meet contractual obligations legally and inexpensively. On-Demand background checks are easy to use, allow you to pay as you go by credit card and is designed to make background checking a snap -- even for companies checking for the first time.

Our On-Demand Background Checks can help avoid workplace violence and allow you to demonstrate in a court of law that you have done your due diligence in the hiring process. Our customers have timely access to any of the 3,187 counties in the United States, and to State Repositories where available.

When setting up your customized background screening package, remember including all counties of residence and driving records is your best defense to minimize employee risk and liability.

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